This inspiring story is of a rising startup called Transcurve Consulting started by Sachin Amin in the Consulting domain. Here is the story of Transcurve Consulting in Sachin’s own words

With the rich experience and myriads of successful performance-enhancement projects across various industries to the name, a few of the best brains of India have joined hands to create a transformative force – Transcurve Consulting in the year 2020.

With the customized solutions and complete suite of services, we help the organizations to perform better, think faster, and sustain excellence.

What’s the strategy story of Sachin? What led him to Transcurve- a startup in consulting?

In the consulting industry, we have many organizations that focus on specific domains or expertise. But we at Transcurve provide end-to-end consulting services for all domains. We also focus on small to mid-size establishments to solve their people and organizational problems.

The irony in today’s world is that all MNCs and multi conglomerates have various departments to focus/invest in people and organizational issues. On the contrary small to mid-size establishment suffer due to budget, time, resource & priority.

Our Vision is to help such small to mid-size organizations perform better, think faster, and sustain excellence.

Our mission is to deliver strategic performance transformation through bespoke methodologies and approaches resulting in value-driven and measurable growth of an organization.

What are the business strategies of Transcurve to grow in the competitive consulting space?

Marketing: We are using the digital medium as our main marketing tool. We plan to drive digital activities that will ensure our brand is known amongst small and mid-sized establishments. With the new normal, we are adaptive and flexible in providing most of the solutions digitally through the right technology, solutions, and engagements.

Operational: As we provide end to end consulting services across all domains and expertise, we partner with a chain of business associates and freelancers on profit sharing model. These partners specialize in various aspects of business. Our business model empowers the business associates provide the best in class service as well as an opportunity to learn, grow and build new skillsets.

The model is a win-win situation for all. How?

  • Clients – they get the best for each specific problem they bring to Transcurve.
  • Business associates, and freelancers – they get an opportunity to work with a team versus working in a silo, helping them achieve larger objectives with work opportunities.

Also, this helped me save a lot of costs in hiring specialized resources, overhead expenses, and administrative activities. Additionally, my platform will also help freelancers achieve more work opportunities to deliver their specialized services as well as learn and grow together as a team.

Strategy Mistakes and Learning

A lot of mistakes get covered, while you are performing a job-oriented role. But as a new-age entrepreneur, you will be engaged in small to big tasks. To experience the virtue of work at times is not a skill-set but it’s all about putting together a lot of different features.

Your lost opportunities, deliveries, and business engagements are always a source of learning. They would always help you to grow as an individual, entrepreneur, and most importantly as a “human” with empathy

Advice for entrepreneur readers

If you have planned to start something on your own or in partnership, have a PURPOSE for the same that impacts a community.

  • The no.1 quality is TRUST in yourself and your partners. The journey might be challenging, but trust really helps you to stay self-motivated.
  • The no.2 quality would require you to be resilient enough to overlook things beyond one’s imagination – that is true INNOVATION to me.
  • The no.3, but not the last one would be PATIENCE. It’s very important for any aspiring or new-age entrepreneur to gain this to sustain in the competition.

Never regret any decisions taken in life (be it business or career decision). I would still add the third one – “Personal”

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