This inspiring story is of a rising startup called Snackpot started by Sudeepta Sahu in the packaged food space focusing on Indian Snacks. Here is the story of Snackpot in Sudeepta’s own words

We are surrounded by packaged food options loaded with high sugar and salt content. Fried and sugary items are still consumed as snacks. I feel that this is due to the unavailability of healthier snacking options coupled with a lack of awareness.

At Snackpot, we wish to nudge people towards opting for healthier options. We want to be the option over that tub of ice-cream or be the preferred choice over that packet of chips you choose to kill your hunger.

What’s the strategy story of Sudeepta? What led her to Snackpot?

I think it was 1999, when.. Oh wait, the story doesn’t start like that.

Maybe it was 2019, when .. Oh wait, this start sounds about right.

Neither of these years were the turning point for the start of Snackpot, though. I think the seeds were sown years back when I had no healthy eating options apart from the typical Indian snacks in the canteen of the manufacturing company I was working in.

In the hustle-bustle of running around and juggling a million things, you would have neglected or overlooked your food habits many times. Of course, when you harbor big dreams at a young age, you want to please the world. Even if it means, you focus less on your own self.

So I questioned myself: why do you need to compromise with your health? The simple answer was that no one should have to… With so much information available today, as compared to earlier, why stay ignorant? Why not opt for inculcating healthier eating habits that make one focus better at work, have an optimistic attitude towards life, and in general, make one feel better about themselves?

So I started Snackpot by asking some important questions. Are chips the only way to kill your hunger pangs? Or is it that deep-fried samosa and pakoda or similar Indian snacks enticing you across the street? Given our diverse Indian palate, of course, we are bound to be inclined towards them. But the inclination can be overpowered by a small change in outlook. We have a rich food culture. Our roots have always had healthy aspects intertwined since eons. Snackpot is that nudge to unravel this aspect.

What makes the bias particularly pernicious is that we all recognize this bias in others but not in ourselves.

Richard H. Thaler, Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics

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What are the business strategies of Snackpot to grow in packaged Indian snacks food space?

We are currently based in Hyderabad where we have tied up with some aggregators who supply to gated communities. Apart from that, we have tied up with homemakers who push our product in their communities/circles on their active Whatsapp groups and take a commission.

We have also collaborated with home chefs who pair our products with their offerings. Digitally, we are extremely active. Several food bloggers in and around Hyderabad have partnered with us, not only trying our products but also spreading the word.

We are also in the planning phase of an event where we will invite these active food bloggers/influencers to taste our food products at our premises and observe the hygiene levels with which we operate. We have not spent a penny yet on any traditional Marketing channels but have received a fair amount of traction and attention since we re-started in September 2020.

Operationally, we control our delivery costs and actively look for bulk deals to reduce our ingredients cost. We follow the principle of ‘keeping it simple’ so that not only are the processes replicable and scalable, but also sustainable.

Strategy Mistakes and Learning

We are still learning and hope to imbibe learnings from other big players. Having said that, our pace of execution needs a revisit.

Advice for entrepreneur readers

Starting a company is a responsibility. It is a financial and emotional responsibility. One has to be mature enough to be able to handle both and be absolutely sure of the decision.

It is also a lonely journey ladled with major sacrifices. Don’t do it because others are doing it. One must know himself or herself very well to understand whether one has the right kind of mindset and skills to take on something like this.

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